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I believe, for to long we the people have allowed the few, overreach there positions. I propose we take that power back make them work for us the way it was intended.

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    We, the Members of the Libertarian Party of Kansas, believe in the people of Kansas. We hold that all adults are capable of deciding what is best for themselves, their families, and their communities. 


    The Libertarian Party of Kansas is resolutely pro-individual and pro-community, holding that all decisions are best when made at the most local possible level. Our principles naturally lead to advancement of maximized individual liberties and local control, while limiting government expansion.


    The Libertarian Party of Kansas (LPKS) was founded in 1971 and has had full ballot access in Kansas since 1992.


    Since 2009 we have been the fastest growing political party in Kansas.

    If you would like to learn more about the Libertarian Party of Kansas, visit our Learn More page.


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    I am in Lyon county, I would love to help in organizing events in my county. There is one snag I don’t really know anyone in my Emporia that share my perspective. I am not experienced in organizing events and the few attempts at doing so have totally flopped. I created Lyon County Libertarians on facebook but to no avail. Could someone give me pointers. I would be more then willing to go around handing out pamplets, flyers and posters in my area.

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