times are a changing...

the united states constitution is a living breathing document. and if you do not get involved you are allowing it to expire to the dogma of the two major parties and there lobbyist.

accept that you will never get 100% of what you wish from politics, but that is the "schweet" part of it. YOU, yes YOU can make a difference. and making that difference will involve those around you fighting for the changes and wants that make America great. 

don't get beat down by the system. get involved by phone calls, email, social medias, etc...in this day and age if you are not making phone calls than keep quiet and proceed down the road of lambs being lead to slaughter by the big 2 parties. You CAN do this! you CAN do this!!


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    If Vicki Schmidt leavers her seat for her new officee, District 20 state Senate for Insursnce commissioner, how is her vacant seat filled?

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    Keep up the great job you are doing Nick!
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    Just made a donation to Libertarian Party of Kansas. It is easy to "peck" away at a keyboard saying absolutely NOTHING! Just being a insipid talking head. It is hard to get involved and make a difference!!

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