Kansas 2020 Libertarian Candidates

Getting Libertarian candidates elected to public office is one of the most important goals of the LPKS.

Below is the current list of Libertarian candidates who have both been nominated by the party and have filed the appropriate paperwork with KS SOS Office. 

All candidates here will appear on the Kansas 2020 General Election Ballot.  As a minor party in Kansas, Libertarian candidates do not appear on the Kansas primary ballot.

If you are interested in learning more about running in Kansas as a Libertarian please fill out this form and you will be contacted.  

Our convention body gave the official Libertarian Party nomination to ten candidates running for political offices in national, state, and local races.


They are:

Jason Buckley for U.S. Senate - Campaign Website

Robert Garrard for U.S. Rep, KS 2nd District

Steven Hohe for U.S. Rep, KS 3rd District

Michael Kerner for Kansas Rep District 17

Matt Clark for Kansas Rep District 23 - Campaign Website

Rick Parsons for Kansas Rep District 33 - Facebook Page

Dante Javaheri for Kansas Rep District 46

LJ Hermreck Jr. for Kansas Rep District 103 - Facebook Page

Roman Van Nahmen for Gray County Magistrate

Ross Wahl for Riley City Commissioner

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