LPKS Looking for Libertarians to Organize County Meetings

By  Sharon DuBois

Do you live in a Kansas county without a County Group? Does the county next to you not have a place where liberty-minded people can meet and discuss local civil-liberty ideas?

The LPKS Executive Committee is looking for people who would be interested in helping get these groups started.


It isn’t necessary for the volunteer to agree to be the County Chair. All that is being asked is that the organ-izer be willing to find a time and place for the first few meetings, and contact those in the county who might be interested in attending.

The organizer will be provided with a list of the regis-tered Libertarians in the county (with phone numbers where available), pre-printed postcards to send to them (as well as to anyone else he or she believes might be interested), a suggested press release that can be modified to fit the scheduled meeting, and con-tact information of someone on the Executive Com-mittee who will help.

The Executive Committee will make every effort to send someone to the first or second meeting to dis-cuss Libertarian concepts, distribute literature, and answer questions that attendees might have.

If you are interested in helping with this important project, or know someone who is interested, please send contact information to The Free Kansan, FreeKansan@cox.net

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