2017 Officer Candidates who have announced.

If you are interested in seeking one of these offices, contact current State Chair, Rob Hodgkinson at Chair@LPKS.org.

Officers are voted upon at the Annual State Convention on the weekend of April 21.  Convention details here.

If you want to help executive committee and candidates, be sure to volunteer today so we know how to contact you.  Volunteer here.


4th District Coordinator Candidates


Victoria French

Today, I would like introduce myself to you. I’m Victoria French. I may not know many of you, but today, I am announcing my candidacy for the 4th District Coordinator.  In my day job as an advertising sales executive for print media, I face many of the same challenges, we are facing as a party…. Maintaining our base product while growing to meet the changing needs of the community and customer. 

We need to grow outside of our purist base. We have traditionally been appealing to Socially moderate Republicans, but now we must also look to engage disenfranchised Democrats (of which I was one prior to changing my registration two years ago). We also have to be realistic in our ideas by working on practical goals within the system we have to work with.

As Gary Johnson said, “I hope that people will see that we don't have to sit by the sidelines and watch as the two major parties limit their choices to slightly different flavors of the status quo. It is, in fact, possible to join the fray, stand up for principles and offer a real alternative.”

Recruiting members has to be the primary goal of the coordinator. I will have to work closely with all of the current Libertarian leaders and need to depend on them. But we also have to all reach out to people outside of our ranks…. Women, college students, blue collar workers, college-educated professionals.


2nd District Coordinator Candidates


Heather Toot

It is with great excitement that I announce my candidacy for Second District Coordinator for the Libertarian Party of Kansas. In my professional and personal life, I apply daily skills, which I believe, will benefit the direction of our party in the 2nd district.

I’ve been a member of the Libertarian party since 2012, when I defected from the Democratic Party, and have assisted in events and campaigns since. This will be my first endeavor to hold elected office within the party. My vision for our district is to strengthen the image of the Libertarian party, facilitate higher member participation (specifically youth participation), and make it clear that our party is inclusive, not divisive, by creating connections with other groups in our district.

I’m honored to have the opportunity to promote liberty in my home state and district, while working alongside many talented, liberty-minded individuals. It is with that honor that I ask for your vote.


State Treasurer 


Ric Koehn

My name is Ric Koehn. I am a CPA that works for a private company. I have been the LPKS Treasurer for the last 3 years. I have been a Libertarian since 1980. I became political active in 2013 after the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Affordable Health Care Act. I could no longer sit in my chair and watch this nonsense go on without getting involved. With the help of Al Terwelp, Barry Albin and Rob Hodgkinson I started the Libertarians of Gray County Group and Facebook page. I have been blessed to come to know many like-minded Libertarians.



State Chair


Kris Logan 

I am thrilled to announce I will be running for Libertarian Party of Kansas State – Chair, at the LPKS 2017 Convention on Saturday, April 22nd.

My professional and campaign experience have prepared me to help develop our party's Organization, Communication, and Operations, in order to achieve our common goal, to elect Libertarian candidates across the state of Kansas.  My leadership style is collaborative, inclusive and recognizes our party exists solely due to the persistence, sacrifice & tenacity of volunteers across the state. 

I became involved with LPKS in 2014 as the Leavenworth County Chair and have supported LPKS in their efforts to advance individual liberty & social acceptance for Kansans, directly and indirectly, ever since.  I have worked tirelessly for candidates, Keen Uhmber 2014 Gubernatorial Campaign, Gary Johnson’s Kansas Presidential Campaign, as Communications Director in 2016 and most recently Chris Rockhold’s 2017 U.S. Kansas 4th Congressional District campaign, as Deputy Campaign Manager. 

I am a Business Systems Analyst and specialize in the implementation of construction accounting & project management software.  This career path requires intimate knowledge & experience in best business operational practices, focus’ on process efficiencies to maximize productivity within an organizational unit and provides a solid operational foundation for organizations to accomplish operational goals.  I am required, on a daily basis, to educate individuals on how to efficiently & productively effect change. 

As I have moved through the various opportunities LPKS has provided me to work with them, I have seen a need for a more efficient & productive operational foundation for our state party.  It is with my passion for liberty, my expertise in resolving operational challenges and my heart’s desire to create a solid foundation for our future leaders to build on, that I ask for your vote.


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