Below are links to a number of web resources to explore when learning more about the principle of Liberty.  Please suggest others to be included and leave us comments about the ones we've linked here.  




"Liberty. It’s a simple idea, but it’s also the linchpin of a complex system of values and practices: justice, prosperity, responsibility, toleration, cooperation, and peace. Many people believe that liberty is the core political value of modern civilization itself, the one that gives substance and form to all the other values of social life. They’re called libertarians.

If you’re new to libertarianism and want to learn more, the items below will give you a good start."





"There are many ways of saying the same thing, and libertarians often have unique ways of answering the question “What is libertarianism?” We’ve asked many libertarians that question, and below are some of our favorite definitions."  








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    Have you heard of I just discovered it and have found it to be a wealth of information. There are videos and articles on various topics. They even offer free “courses” in specific topics and talk about problems and solutions in a Libertarian context. People wanting to learn more can take a course in under an hour and get a wealth of information. I’ve already done two and am working on my third course. Topics include Education, Government Debt & Spending, The Environment, Health Care, Civil Liberties, Immigration and more. It’s a great resource for people that prefer to learn through videos and social media.
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