Our membership and leadership is made up of individuals who value the Principle of Liberty. We are former Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.  Some of us were blessed to be born and raised Libertarians; all of us will fight for your Liberties so long as you don't use those Liberties to harm others through force or fraud.  

Our Executive Committee reflects the diversity that we value as Libertarians. Among the eight members, two are under 30 and one is over 70. Five are women (a new record for us!) and three are men. We have a home-schooling mom, a former business owner, an accountant, a newspaper account rep. One is a single mom, and one is a former front man for a punk rock band.

We Are Libertarian. 


Want to know more?  

As Libertarians we believe in voluntary interaction between people and that requires honesty (otherwise it is fraud).  To that end, here is who we are and what our party believes.

Libertarian Party of Kansas Leadership

Libertarian Party of Kansas Statement of Principle

Libertarian Party of Kansas Platform

Libertarian Party of Kansas Constitution

Libertarian Party of Kansas By-Laws