Below are the Current By-Laws of the LPKS that are pretending to be the Proposed By-Laws.

These Proposed Changes will be Posted here for Comment and Suggestions from members of the Libertarian Party of Kansas for a period of 30 days beginning on August 14th and Ending on September 14th.  The EXCOMM will consider all comments, suggestions, and discussion to create a final document after the Comment Period ends.  

When that final document is complete, the EXCOMM will vote to decide if the proposed changes should be presented to the membership at the State Convention in April of 2016.  If a Super-Majority of the EXCOMM approves the Proposed Changes that document will be posted on the website for at least 30 days to allow each of you to familiarize yourselves with the proposed changes before the convention.

At the convention, individuals will be allowed to speak for or against the proposed changes but no amendments will be taken at the convention.  The members of the party in attendance at the convention will vote to approve or reject the Proposed Changes.

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As amended at Convention: April 20, 2013

Paragraph I — Duties of Officers

The duties of the officers shall be as per this Constitution.

Paragraph II — Executive Committee

Section 1. Duties

The duties of the Executive Committee shall be as per this Constitution.

Section 2. Voting

Except as otherwise provided in the Constitution, a majority vote of those Executive Committee officers present at the Executive Committee Meetings shall prevail.

Section 3. Requirement of Email Address

Because Kansas is such a large state and many Executive Committee meetings and various communications are held over the Internet, it is necessary that Executive Committee members have and maintain an email address.

Paragraph III — Meeting and Quorums

Section 1. Meetings

Meetings shall be as defined in the Constitution.

Section 2. Management

The Executive Committee shall have supervision and management of all meetings and conventions and shall fix the official program and order of business.

Section 3. Quorum

A quorum at an Annual or Called Meeting shall be a majority of those members having registered as in attendance. A quorum for consideration of disciplinary action at a called meeting shall not be less than 10 percent of the members of the Party as defined in Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution.

Paragraph IV — Finances and Accounting

Section 1. Fiscal Year

The fiscal term of the Party shall begin on the first day of September.

Section 2. System of Accounts

The Executive Committee shall establish and maintain an efficient system of accounts for which all the members of the Executive Committee shall be held responsible.

Section 3. Disbursements

All disbursements exceeding $20 shall be made solely by check.

Section 4. Depository and Withdrawal

The Executive Committee shall designate the depository of all funds of the Party, and shall appoint such officers as in its judgment may seem advisable to deposit and withdraw funds from said depository.

Paragraph V — Parliamentary Authority

The current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority for all matters of procedure not specifically covered by the Constitution and/or By-Laws of the Party.

Paragraph VI — Candidate Endorsements

Section 1. National LP Nominees

Any candidate who has been nominated by the National Libertarian Party shall have the endorsement of the Libertarian Party of Kansas.

Section 2. Party Endorsements to a Non-Libertarian

With the exception of Libertarian Party candidates no candidate running for public office may be endorsed by the Kansas Libertarian Party, except as follows:

a. Such candidate is duly registered Libertarian or non-affiliated as a voter with the lawful election officer of his home county; and

b. Such candidate appears in person at the nominating convention and receives the affirmative endorsement of two thirds of the registered Libertarians present and voting.

Section 3. Official Endorsement Versus Private Endorsement

All members of this Party are, of course, at all times free to speak in their own behalf in endorsement of any political candidate, but must not state the official endorsement of the Party, except where such endorsement has been approved by the Executive Committee.

Paragraph VII — Amendments to the By-Laws

Amendments to the By-Laws shall not be adopted by less than a two-thirds vote of members present and voting at any Annual Meeting in an odd-numbered year.

Paragraph VII — Affiliate Organizations

Section 1. Petition

Organizations applying for charter as Affiliates shall make such applications to the Executive Committee. The petition shall include a copy of the Affiliate Constitution and By-Laws, which shall adopt the Party Statement of Principles. The petition shall be signed by no less than five (5) Affiliate petitioners.

Section 2. Membership Required for Certain Positions

Affiliates shall make known to the Secretary the Affiliate Representative to whose attention all party business shall be directed and who shall report on the activities of the Affiliate when requested by the Executive Committee. Membership in the Party shall be a requirement for the Chair, the Vice Chair and the Affiliate Representative.

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