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  • I object to the proposed changes.

    I strongly object to the proposed changes. "...candidate receives the affirmative endorsement of two-thirds of the members present and voting..." does not specify where the endorsements take place. Is it at the state convention? Is it a state-wide poll of a LP members? I am also opposed to the possibility of a member of another party receiving the endorsement of the LP. As written, this change to the bylaws would allow a Socialist to be endorsed by the LPKS. I recommend that we not make these changes to the bylaws, and retain the original wording.

  • donated 2017-03-25 18:51:03 -0500


    $105.00 raised
    GOAL: $250.00

    The Libertarian Party of Kansas' (LPKS) 2017 State Convention will soon be upon us. This annual event is very important to the future of the LPKS.  At the convention attendees will have opportunities to learn, network, elect new officers, deal with the business of the party, and relax during evening social events.  You are, of course, invited and you can RSVP here as well as buy tickets for special events at the convention.

    The LPKS convention grows each year, but to continue that trend we need to make sure that all interested individuals are aware.

    We are raising $250 to run advertisements on both Facebook and Twitter.  If we raise more than $250, we'll expand those campaigns.  If we raise more than $500 we'll add Youtube ads.  Please donate today and you'll see the ads beginning to flow by March 28th.

    As a political party, we believe that spending should be effective, efficient, and transparent.  To this end, we will continue to fundraise for specific projects and count on you to fund the projects you support.  If you donate to this project, you will receive an emailed report at the end of the project detailing how your money was spent and what results were achieved.

  • commented on Typo in Paragraph V, Section 1, Subsection 1A 2016-01-18 22:01:34 -0600
    Good catch.
  • published Is this how this works? in Sample By-Laws Comment 2015-08-15 18:18:35 -0500

    Is this how this works?

    What is this box for?

  • answered 2015-08-10 16:58:28 -0500
    Q: Are you registered to vote?
    A: Registered Libertarian

    LPKS Best President Survey



    Who was the best President in United States History?  

    Who was the worst?  

    Let's see how many different answers we get from our liberty loving friends.

    Take the survey
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    Volunteers with Real Skills

    What skills or resources do you have that you might be willing to share with the LPKS or LPKS Candidates?  


    List is below, check all that apply.

    Keep in mind that you always have the option of declining helping on a specific project or candidate. 

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