This is a place to post project ideas.  When you post an idea, other volunteers can see those ideas and comment on them.  Our hope here is that ideas on this page will unite the right volunteers...people with the interest in a specific project, the right skills, and the time.  

Do not be shy to post ideas.  Even if the time isn't right for an idea, lets capture the ideas for the future.

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What if we created generic LPKS Yard Signs

"The Two Party System is Broken Libertarian Party of Kansas" We raise enough money to print a bunch and then try to get people to donate when they get a sign. We'll need volunteers to distribute them in their area.

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Outreach Booth Upgrade

Design, Source, Fund raise, and order a better LPKS Outreach Booth to be used by local groups at county fairs and such. I'd love see it done in time to for the state fair this year. I'm picturing a table cover and backdrop.

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